Kitchen tricks

Kitchen tricks and facts you didn’t know

Almost everyone could do with saving some time here and there. There are so many tips and cheats that will save you time. If you’ve got the most perfectly organized and equipped kitchen, or one that needs a little more learn some fascinating information about the secrets you can find in your Kitchen.

Your cutlery drawer has more to deliver.

If you always figured cutlery meant only a knife, a fork, and a spoon, you’d be mistaken. Such a thing as a Spork exists-a cross between a spoon and a fork. There’s also a splade-a spork with an edge.

Speed up – a spill is in there.

If you’re preparing pasta there’s nothing quite like an overflowing saucepan. This is not a pleasant job to try to clean dried boiling water after it has boiled over. When you put either a butter knife or fork across the top of the plate, any spillage would be avoided.

Avoid tears

There are some ways of stopping the inevitable tears when you cut an onion. Cut the onion cautiously under cold, running water. Instead, try to place it in the freezer before chopping for a short time. Then after your onion has been sliced use lemon juice to clear the odor from your hands

Get rid of freezer smells

Get rid of freezer smells.

This is a kind of cheating since it includes not the kitchen but the bedroom. A sock full of coffee granules will eliminate musty odors from a refrigerator. Odd, but it does work. The sock must of course be clean … you wouldn’t want to defeat the object!

Hacks for your chopping board.

Were you aware that the average chopping board seems to have more than 200 percent more germs than that of the average seat in the toilet? Keep your kitchen clean-make sure that you use different raw and cooked food shelves. Always wash with soft, soap and water after use. Glass boards are often much more hygienic than wooden ones, as they are less inclined to hold fluids.

Give your oven a great mate.

Are you sure your vessels are cooking correctly? To regain your faith in your microwave invest in an oven thermometer. Any more disasters to bake – or probably not. One of the most popular devices in the kitchen. Not. Ever. You’re more likely to produce a cooking masterpiece than a disaster if you think about the temp in your oven!


Consider the above tricks to save your time and consider knowing the facts I.e. Many people believe the home’s toilet is the most unhygienic location but they’re wrong. The kitchen sink has to be the worst culprit, with more than 100,000 times more germs than a toilet or shower. Though eating in the proximity of a toilet would be hard to picture. Consider a bonus hack for all wine lovers out there when you’ve had a nice evening but the wine bottle hasn’t yet ended, don’t waste it. Pour it into a tray with an ice cube and freeze.


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